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E-waste recycling is fast gaining popularity in many developed countries. The task is often taken up at the union council level to ensure the minimization of toxic waste.
What’s even more encouraging is that the cause has also been adopted by the private sector. Both businesses and consumers are increasingly realizing the importance of services like data destruction and electronic waste recycling. Toxic waste management needs to be decentralized further so that every person knows the nearby location for disposing of electronics. More facilities need to be set up so that locals can contribute to the cause without any trouble. In addition to this, people need to be aware of the business already operating in this sector. Individuals and different organizations need to be educated about being more responsible while handling e-waste.

If you’re in or around California, RFL is your local electronics recycling company. Registered with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control, we handle all kinds of e-waste responsibly.
All e-waste is transported to a facility certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Adhering to the guidelines provided by the authorities, we ensure that the e-waste is properly taken care of.