Laptop Battery Recycling

Laptop Battery Recycling

A laptop battery is never as long-lasting as you would want it to be. With an estimated lifespan ranging from 2 to 7 years, it seems quite insufficient when compared with the investment made in a good-quality laptop.

The duration may vary slightly due to factors like usage, care, and maintenance, product brand, etc. But the battery of an average laptop is typically expected to last about half a decade.

Needless to say, you would obviously want this period to be prolonged. Since standby time is what mainly differentiates using a laptop from a conventional desktop computer, it would make little sense if your device needs to be plugged in constantly to keep functioning.

Laptop Battery Recycling at RFL

So the first point established here is that you should ideally replace the battery within 5 years. The second, is the question about what to do with the old one?
Here’s the answer. Give it to us! You heard it right. While the used battery might only be trash for you, it can be recycled into more modern, relevant items (such as a power bank).

Throwing the battery into a landfill is not a good idea as it counts as toxic waste. Hence, being a caring and responsible citizen, hand over your used laptop battery to us and we’ll convert it to something more meaningful.