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Welcome to Recycle for Life!

We provide Recycling, Data Destruction services, IT Asset Disposition / Recovery and more!

We offer easy step by step processes for every type of recycling that you would like to do with us. We are here to serve you!

Please Contact Us with any questions that you might have and for a free quote.

Recycle For Life

Recycle For Life is your one-stop solution for all the e-waste disposal needs. This includes Data Destruction, Recycling Services, and IT Asset Recovery. From computer disposal services to e-waste recycling options, we have everything covered.

Data Destruction

You may try several DIYs for destroying old hard drives. But no such method would guarantee reliable destruction. RFL offers on-site destruction of hard drives with a pneumatic punch. This tool punches holes in your hard drive, rendering it useless.  Our Data Destruction is free for over 50 hard drives at a time. Your hard drive can later be taken to an EPA-certified destruction facility for shredding.

Recycling Services

The world is generally moving towards a policy of recycling over replacement. The field of technology should be no different. Moreover, sometimes electronics require minor services like laptop battery recycling. In such cases, it wouldn’t be wise to get the whole laptop replaced. By bringing such recycling services to your doorstep, RFL makes the job infinitely easier.

IT Asset Disposition/Recovery Services

Sometimes, an asset outlives your expectations. At other times, it doesn’t even last half of the expected duration. It’s better to salvage such useless items for something while you still can.  RFL offers reliable IT Asset Recovery Services. Instead of revenue-sharing, you’re paid upfront to avoid uncertainty. This service covers both working and non-working assets